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Bootstrap Business: 5 Future Technologies Shaping Today

5 Future Technologies Shaping Today   <-- Read   #Tech #VR #AI #SAAS #Oculus #3DPrinting #IoT

  • Below are just a few of the cutting edge technologies which might soon become exceedingly common all around the world.
  • The exponential increase in wearable tech such as the Google Glass, Apple Watch, and Fitbit (and similar) devices just to name a few.
  • While Google Glass hasn’t been a huge commercial success (yet), the Apple Watch and variety of other smartwatches and metabolic trackers are here to stay.
  • The 3D headset from systems like Mark Zuckerberg ‘s new Oculus Rift will makes you feel you are part of the game as it transports you to a virtual world.
  • While there are products of virtual reality available in the market, this redefines the future of the gaming industry and is set forth to bring a revolution that will make people enjoy all the benefits of a 3D based game in their own homes.

Tech enthusiast Mike Schiemer and writer / graphic designer Anna Jones discuss 5 future technologies shaping the world today.

The world as we know it is changing faster than we can imagine. In the last five years alone, we have seen some quantum leaps in terms of technologies. Smartphones, multi-touch desktops, tablets, mobile applications, and cloud computing methods have not only grown increasingly simplistic, but also very common and affordable. This exponential increase in technology is now a necessity that all businesses must embrace or fall by the wayside. Below are just a few of the cutting edge technologies which might soon become exceedingly common all around the world. 

Robotics is already a controversial field, and artificial intelligence is the most exciting part of it. With Artificial Intelligence, scientists hope to achieve a near replica of human thought process. However, currently, robotics isn’t anywhere near achieving that. The ideal form of Artificial Intelligence would be a man-made machine capable of human type intellectual thoughts. They will be able to formulate their own ideas, reason, learn, use a language and maybe even have feelings! Google and Facebook are just some of the huge corporations heavily invested in robotics and/or artificial intelligence. 

2.  3D Printing 

The possibilities are endless with the more affordable and advanced 3D printers our there. You are able to input dimensions and other pertinent data to out print three-dimensional objects. It can print out your digital designs into any form of a solid product. The material can be anything, to plastic, metal, and even food! You can even…

Bootstrap Business: 5 Future Technologies Shaping Today