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A Quick History of the Internet of Things

A Quick History of the #InternetOfThings  #IOT #Technology #Business #IoE #Internet #IIoT

  • The term “internet of things” or “IoT” is also not a new one.
  • You can find references to it as far back as the idea of the Internet itself, but if you survey an IoT team, it is more than likely that few know this.
  • Is Kevin Ashton, a man who comes up when you Google “who came up with the Internet of Things.”

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@billsoftnet: “A Quick History of the #InternetOfThings #IOT #Technology #Business #IoE #Internet #IIoT”

How Did We Create Such a Rich Market? Want to know how the "Internet of Things" became a thing at all? To do so, you must look back to the start: the birth of networking and the explosion of consumer

A Quick History of the Internet of Things

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