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Connected cows help farms keep up with the herd

Connected cows? Now we've seen it all  #IoT #Azure

  • When a cow is in heat or eats less than anticipated because she starts coming down sick, there is a warning indicator for me.
  • The cow-monitoring system gives farmers insights that can boost milk production, smooth the calving process and ensure healthier cows – all while saving time.
  • “We have alerted farmers of cows having, for example, a prolonged calving, or a difficult labor, in the middle of the night,” says Matteo Ratti, vice president of SCR’s Cow Intelligence business. “
  • And now that his family is renting a stable in a neighboring village seven miles away, the ability to monitor the cows remotely has become even more useful.
  • Today a small farm only needs a few hands to manage dozens or even hundreds of cows, but maintaining a direct connection with each animal is still critical.

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@MSEurope: “Connected cows? Now we’ve seen it all #IoT #Azure”

Steffen Hake knows the long, gritty hours involved in running a successful dairy farm, a life that can mean climbing out of bed before dawn and working past sundown — but he has an edge that generations of farmers before him never had.

Connected cows help farms keep up with the herd

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