Creating smart cities with IoT

Creating smart cities with #IoT  #InternetOfThings #Technology #Business #IoE #Internet #IIoT

  • Studies have shown that smart parking systems can reduce peak parking congestion by up to 22%, and can reduce total traffic volume by 8%.
  • It’s clear that smart technologies and IoT are the future of the world’s major cities.
  • Emerging technologies have the potential to make major cities more functional and convenient for residents and visitors, and more manageable for government bodies.
  • Cities will need to plan and implement high speed networks, as well as the servers that are necessary to support their sensors and other systems.
  • The IoT is helping the world’s largest cities to do this, on a grand scale, and at a phenomenal rate.

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@billsoftnet: “Creating smart cities with #IoT #InternetOfThings #Technology #Business #IoE #Internet #IIoT”

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Creating smart cities with IoT

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