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Honey I Shrunk the Pi  #raspberrypi #makers #IoT

  • The latest version of the Pi Zero includes a connection for the Pi Camera Module, the 8mp sensor can shoot 1080 video at 30fps and is available for £21

    Although it doesn’t come with LAN or Wi-Fi built into it, there are kits you can buy with the Pi Zero that includes it and other accessories for a reasonable price

    So many possibilities Media hub, retro games machine, desktop PC, flying drones, camera and digital calendar are just a few of the ways people have used the Raspberry Pi Zero

    THE PI GOT SMALLER Just when you thought he Raspberry Pi couldn’t get any smaller, the Zero comes along to show that it can.

  • At 65 x 30 x 5mm it is half the size of the Raspberry Pi Model A+ but it isn’t completely bare-bones – it still has a microSD slot, a Mini-HDMI port, a Micro USB slot, CSI camera port and the CPU runs 40 percent faster than the original Raspberry Pi.
  • It’s a tool for those learning to program and people have come up with creative uses for it such as a digital picture frame, automated pet feeder or using the Pi Zero along with the camera module you can build your own security camera.
  • One of the most common uses we see people using the Pi for is building their own retro gaming machines, even going as far as building their own mini arcade cabinets to put the Raspberry Pi inside.
  • Raspberry Pi Zero | £5 | $5 |

    “What do you do with the Raspberry Pi?

@evankirstel: Honey I Shrunk the Pi #raspberrypi #makers #IoT

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Gadget N°19