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How the Business of Shipbuilding is Changing

How the business of #shipbuilding is changing  #AR #IoT #AugmentedReality #3DModeling

  • With all the new technology innovations becoming more mature we will need to consider how these new technologies will change the way we do business.
  • I would not say it is that common in use but many shipyards are testing the viability of using this technology.
  • Even though I love all this new innovation I really do think that we are not in the business to be innovative per-se but rather use practical and mature enough technologies to improve the business of shipbuilding.
  • The changes I have seen is that this technology was only used at companies which had very deep pockets.
  • In my previous post Business of Shipbuilding I talked about the business of shipbuilding and the many factors which are considered for any shipbuilder.

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@TamaraMcCleary: “How the business of #shipbuilding is changing #AR #IoT #AugmentedReality #3DModeling”

The ships we build today are significantly more complex than they were just 10 years ago. The change in the amount of automation by electrical mechanical systems, different fuel systems, modified regulations, new manufacturing methods and even the amount of software on our ships is pretty amazing. All these changes coupled with the amount of innovation in material, manufacturing automation, IoT, 3D printing, laser scanning, etc. is (or should be) changing the business of shipbuilding.

How the Business of Shipbuilding is Changing