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IIoT? IoT? What is the difference? #IoT #IIoT  -

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Context for the CTO, CIO, CISO and Data Scientist

@YarmolukDan: IIoT? IoT? What is the difference? #IoT #IIoT –

The role of CIOs is increasingly changing as the business technology undergoes a major shift, making them face a difficult task of incorporating new technology while still retaining ethical standards of the healthcare industry. Below are some of the major challenges faced by CIOs in their efforts of implementing new technology. Security and Privacy While […]

While big data can seem like an intimidating term when you are running a small business, it can be a very useful tool to drive your business’s success. Big data, as a term, encompasses many sources of information, some of which you may already use. Big data has many benefits to offer you, from a […]