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IoT Security: The Virtualization Angle

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It’s clear that virtualization will play a huge role in the development of IoT – so it’s time to become acquainted with Virtuapedia.

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There’s little question that IoT security is drawing attention on many fronts. Witness these recent Light Reading posts:

It’s clear that virtualization will play a huge role in the development of IoT. Fully automated systems will need the flexibility and versatility that virtualization provides. And as the Internet scales to hundreds of billions of devices, virtualization will be a basic requirement for the networks connecting those devices.

The attraction of virtualized security for IoT is obvious: With all manner of devices being connected via the Internet, the network itself will take on an even bigger role in safeguarding data and devices.

A few technology suppliers are now looking to establish themselves as early leaders in virtualized IoT security. Virtuapedia now lists more than a dozen vendors that offer products specific to virtualized IoT security. Among the products now featured in Virtuapedia:

CounterACT from ForeScout Technologies identifies and evaluates network devices and applications when they connect to a network, regardless of whether they’re managed, mobile, embedded or virtual to determine the user, owner, operating system, device configuration, software, services, patch state and the presence of security agents. It provides remediation, control and continuous monitoring of devices as they come and go from the network.

To find out more about these suppliers and others that are involved in virtualized IoT security, tap into Virtuapedia, a comprehensive and searchable database covering the entire virtualization ecosystem, as well as a series of indexes that track CSP progress in deploying virtualization.

Some 1,500 companies are now listed in Virtuapedia, making it the telecom industry’s most comprehensive resource for all things related to virtualization. More than 10,000 network professionals are now registered with Virtuapedia, giving them access not only to vendor and product information but also to the latest industry news and research from Heavy Reading.

To get your company listed in Virtuapedia, go to the Get Listed tab on the site. To join the growing ranks of the virtualization community and get access to executive summaries of Heavy Reading’s research, go to the Register Now tab.

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IoT Security: The Virtualization Angle