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#IOT -  Whose devices were breached in 2015  #InternetOfThings #IoE #Internet #IIoT #Trending

  • Offshore Oil Rigs –Hackers have also shut down an oil rig by tilting it sideways..
  • The software was bad enough that hackers could change the dosage being delivered to people who were using them.
  • More to the point, companies and industries who are offering these devices need to take full responsibility to assure the security of the devices they are offering.

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@billsoftnet: “#IOT – Whose devices were breached in 2015 #InternetOfThings #IoE #Internet #IIoT #Trending”

IoT, as we all know, is not without issues–though we have become reliant upon it in many ways.. In 2015, there were some very viable and tangible proofs that the IoT field is fraught with real peril