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IOTA Foundation, Big Deal and Exchange update

IOTA Foundation, Big Deal and #Exchange update
#IOTA #InternetOfThings #blockchain #IoT

  • What I can say is that soon (the date is not set, except it will be post-25th of July) most major currencies will have access to IOTA on the open market.
  • The page for ‘Big Deal’ will go live tonight/tomorrow morning so everyone can start sending iotas for the cause.
  • Finally while it is really great to see the community coming together and pushing hard for these initiatives, I want to encourage everyone to spend more energy on projects on top and around IOTA. We commonly see people who express frustration that they are unable to code and don’t know what they can do to support IOTA beside Foundation/Big Deal, the answer is very simple and really effective: learn to code it is really easy to learn enough to be useful or put up bounties for what you want (like Tangle Explorer) or fund a project with your iotas, there are literally infinite developers out there that would gladly join your project.
  • There has been several exchanges paying attention to IOTA ever since we announced it in October of 2015, and we’re in active dialogue with 4 of them.
  • I still cannot provide much additional information for the exact same reasons as always, in IOTA we keep things under the hood until they are a reality, we do not want fake hype or speculators taking advantage of misleading information.

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@MagicNxt: “IOTA Foundation, Big Deal and #Exchange update

#IOTA #InternetOfThings #blockchain #IoT”

The Foundation is at approximately ~89% at the moment (counting manual claim donations that has not yet been sent over to the Foundation addresses). Since there are still tens of people that are lined up in que for manua…

IOTA Foundation, Big Deal and Exchange update