NSA Could use the Internet of Things to Spy on People

Love the Internet of Things? So does the NSA

  • In terms of exploiting iPhone vulnerability, the deputy director noted, “We don’t do every phone, every variation of phone.
  • On Friday , the National Security Agency – you know, the federal organization known for wiretapping and listening it on U.S. citizens’ conversations – told an audience at Washington’s Newseum that it’s looking into using the Internet of Things and other connected devices to keep tabs on individuals.
  • “We’re looking at it sort of theoretically from a research point of view right now,” Richard Ledgett, the NSA’s deputy director, said at the military technology conference on Friday.
  • The purpose of the NSA, is to ostensibly protect Americans from outside threats, though sometimes they may reside inside the country.
  • And as the internet and ecosystem of connected things grows ever larger, Ledgett called the ever-changing landscape both a ” security nightmare [and] a signals intelligence bonanza.”

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@DigitalTrends: “Love the Internet of Things? So does the NSA”

You may love being able to set your thermostat from your car miles before you reach your house, but be warned — the NSA probably loves it too.

NSA Could use the Internet of Things to Spy on People

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