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The convergence of IoT and blockchain

Must watch: The convergence of IoT & blockchain

  • Tim mentions that IBM has some service offerings to help companies discover and articulate their own use cases for using blockchain and IoT together, and then start prototyping a solution using IBM Watson IoT Platform and IBM Blockchain.
  • Chip manufacturers for the devices must improve so they can run blockchain on the devices.
  • Calvin Powers interviews Tim Hahn, chief architect for IoT security, and John Cohn, IBM Fellow for Watson Internet of Things, to understand how IoT and blockchain are converging.

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@developerWorks: “Must watch: The convergence of IoT & blockchain”

John Cohn & Tim Hahn discuss how IoT is taking advantage of Blockchain technology’s promise to build trust, reduce costs, and accelerate transactions.

The convergence of IoT and blockchain

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