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C# Corner Delhi Developer Conference 2016

Planning something big for #Cloud, #IoT, & #Future of #Tech #Conference  cc @mcbeniwal

  • Abhishek Kant is passionate about solving real world problems with technology.
  • Mahesh Chand is a founder of C# Corner, 11-times Microsoft MVP, technical author, and software architect.
  • Nitin is a Sr. Programmer and Microsoft.
  • From 2004 – 2011, he served at Microsoft in various marketing and business positions.
  • With over 12 years of experience in IT software industry, he started his career in offshore services delivery with Satyam Computers.

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@CsharpCorner: “Planning something big for #Cloud, #IoT, & #Future of #Tech #Conference cc @mcbeniwal”

The C# Corner Career Advice & Future of Technology event is a one-day event for students and working professionals. Come and join us at Delhi for the event and gain knowledge on Cloud, Internet of Things (IoT), VR and other upcoming technologies.

C# Corner Delhi Developer Conference 2016