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Scientists develop small, reprogrammable quantum computer

  • Computer can solve three algorithms in a single step using quantum effects
  • Quantum computer developed with five qubits
  • In traditional computing bits are either 1 or 0, while in a quantum computer, qubits can be both numbers at the same time.
  • “It shows with such qubits you can reach this level of complexity in terms of quantum circuits, and on the same hardware, they are able to implement different quantum gates on different circuits.”
  • “We are probably not going to have quantum computers on our desk, but in that timescale we are going to start to see quantum computing technology in the way we do large-scale computing and cloud computing.”

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@SciencePorn: “Scientists develop small, reprogrammable quantum computer”

Quantum computing has hit another milestone, US researchers say, with the development of a computer that can solve three algorithms and be reprogrammed.

Scientists develop small, reprogrammable quantum computer