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IoT Technology and the Rise of Smart Cities

The essential ingredients to “smart cities”... 1) #IoT technologies 2) #DataFabric

  • The Data Fabric enabled by NetApp provides cities with the freedom to move their data to where they need it most.
  • Smart Cities Are Data Driven There are already thousands of networks throughout major cities collecting real-time information about infrastructure.
  • The goal of a smart city is to capture and process this type of sensor data to cut costs and improve services.
  • A Data Fabric enabled by NetApp lets IT teams manage and secure information from connected devices across both internal and external datastores.
  • Unlocking Data Value in a Smart City The data-driven citizen services and applications that fuel smart cities are creating a need for open data ecosystems whereby citizens can access information freely and in a meaningful manner.

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@NetApp: “The essential ingredients to “smart cities”… 1) #IoT technologies 2) #DataFabric”

By Tara Bal, Director of Communications, APAC, NetApp and Pamela Kerman, Sr. Manager, Global Strategic Marketing Manager, NetApp Across the world,

IoT Technology and the Rise of Smart Cities