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Ubiquiti Routers Attacked by Worm

Ubiquiti routers attacked by worm:  #IoT

  • The worm downloads a copy of the open-source cURL utility, which it uses to spread to other routers, either on an internal network or the Internet.
  • Ubiquiti Routers Attacked by Worm
  • The new OS version will remove the worm from devices.
  • It’s likely that the attackers behind this campaign may be spreading the worm for the sheer challenge of it.
  • Even though the exploit used by the worm was previously fixed, many routers are still unpatched and vulnerable.

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@IBMSecurity: “Ubiquiti routers attacked by worm: #IoT”

Routers from Ubiquiti Networks are being attacked by a worm, but security experts don’t know what the exploit’s end game is just yet.

Ubiquiti Routers Attacked by Worm