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  • Of those surveyed who don t own wearables, 31% said it s because the devices are too expensive, while 28% said they re not sure of the benefit of wearables.
  • July 25 – Day 1: IoT Designs Using High Level …
  • More than 42% of those surveyed said they have or have owned a wearable device, with 63% ranking accuracy as a highly important feature of the device.
  • Customers eventually will get what they want from wearable devices, but they may have to wait awhile, LeBoeuf said.
  • This infographic shows key results of a recent survey on early adoption of wearable technology conducted by Valencell and MEMS % Sensor Industry Group.

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@WearableGuru: “”Users Are Bored with Wearables Due to Lack of Accuracy” #UXDesign #WearableTech #IoT”

Design flaws like lack of accurate information are causing early adopters of wearables to abandon the technology.

Design News

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