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Using IoT Data to Understand How Your Products Perform

Using #IoT data to understand your products' performance -@SatyaRamaswamy in @HarvardBiz

  • By dealing with the ultimate truth well – how their products are performing every day for customers – they will be far more likely to keep their customers for the long haul.
  • The rep then said the company would mail the customer a diagnostic tool in 7-10 days so the customer could troubleshoot it further.
  • In our survey, we found that as of last year, only 26% of big companies had put IoT technologies into their products.
  • It is the ultimate truth because most companies get this information far too late, when a loyal customer has left them behind without a “Dear John” note.
  • But even if your firm has installed IoT technologies in its products, that doesn’t mean it’s about to get the ultimate truth about those products or that it will do something with that information.

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@TCS: “Using #IoT data to understand your products’ performance -@SatyaRamaswamy in @HarvardBiz”

It requires facing some hard truths.

Using IoT Data to Understand How Your Products Perform