What blockchain means for the Internet of Things

What #blockchain means for the #IoT.

  • Watson IoT blockchain enables devices to participate in transactions as a trusted party.
  • IBM Watson IoT blockchain service offerings utilize distributed database technology, distributed consensus, and smart contracts and enables information from IoT devices to be used in IBM Blockchain transactions.
  • IoT and Blockchain are not limited to these industries or use cases, almost any business with a network and IoT devices can reduce costs, improve business efficiency, and remove single points of failure in business networks by implementing this new technology.
  • Accelerate transactions – enable more transactions overall because the ‘middle man’ is removed from the process.
  • Blockchain for IoT can transform the way business transactions are conducted globally through a trustworthy environment to automate and encode business transactions while preserving enterprise level privacy and security for all parties in the transaction.

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Latest news and trends for Watson IoT (Internet of Things)

What blockchain means for the Internet of Things

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