Stacey on IoT

What can #IoT do? Take a look inside #Microsoft's IoT factory for the latest.

  • You probably found the page because one of our subscribers used MailChimp to send you an email campaign, and you traced a link in the email back to investigate.
  • We send more than 1 billion emails every day, and we help our customers comply with spam laws and best practices so they can get their campaigns into their subscribers’ inboxes.
  • MailChimp is an email-marketing service that serves more than 12 million companies of all shapes and sizes, from all over the world.
  • MailChimp® is a registered trademark of The Rocket Science Group.
  • About / MCSV

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@MicrosoftIoT: “What can #IoT do? Take a look inside #Microsoft’s IoT factory for the latest.”

In the spirit of Father’s Day and the start of summer, I chat with Chris Klein, the CEO of connected sprinkler maker Rachio. He discusses how a municipality can use connected sprinklers to control water usage, how to talk to your vocal users and what he learned selling Rachio in a Big Box retailer. You’ll also get my first impressions of the device. Enjoy the show.

Stacey on IoT

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