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The Gemini makersMillions of things will soon have digital twins

What's accelerating #IIoT? #DigitalTwins - ! 👱🏽👱🏽 #iot #ai #geminimakers #predictiveanalytics

  • This digital twin is identical in every respect and is used to design the control units, test them, simulate how to make them and program production machines.
  • “It is a digital twin of the entire value chain,” says Jan Mrosik, the chief executive of Siemens’s Digital Factory Division.
  • For example, suppliers could be asked to submit a digital twin of their product so that it can be tested in a manufacturer’s virtual factory before an order is placed.
  • It is already a requirement at the Amberg plant for suppliers to deliver a digital twin along with their product to help installation.
  • Just about any product could have a unique identifier that links to production data, if not a full digital twin, reckons Thomas Körmendi, the chief executive of Kezzler, a Norwegian company that produces secure product codes using an algorithm.

THE factory of the future will be a building stuffed full of robots making robots. A factory in Amberg, a small town in Bavaria, is not quite that, but it gets close.

@unifiedinbox: What’s accelerating #IIoT? #DigitalTwins – ! 👱🏽👱🏽 #iot #ai #geminimakers #predictiveanalytics

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The Gemini makersMillions of things will soon have digital twins

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