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When Everything Becomes Data

When Everything Becomes Data:  #IoT #BigData #DataScience by @jeromedubreuil @Tech_in_Motion

  • Directly or through gateways, these Things can send and possibly receive data to and from a “cloud,” where the data can be stored, processed and accessed.
  • All of these tools and APIs adhere to SAMI’s core principles-no silos, and fully data agnostic-and function with any data from any device.
  • The things in the revolution are just a gateway to this data.
  • Note to readers: SAMI transitioned into a full commercial platform in April 2016 under a new name: ARTIK Cloud.
  • While many believe the Internet of Things will be the next major IT revolution, we don’t really know why; nor what IoT will bring us as its consumers.

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@KirkDBorne: “When Everything Becomes Data: #IoT #BigData #DataScience by @jeromedubreuil @Tech_in_Motion”

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When Everything Becomes Data