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Why IoT loves Node.js

Why IoT loves Node.js 


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  • A typical Internet of Things user walks into a bar and says, “Actually, I really ‘RLY’ don’t care about how the IoT works, I just want to play with the shiny shiny elements and the fun devices.”
  • Node.js has been used by Siemens in its Smart Grid “Energy-of-Things” power management solution which uses Microsoft Azure to host applications.
  • The Intel Edison can fully run the Node.js framework, allowing developers to write IoT programs using Node.
  • Beermat #1 offers Node.js – this JavaScript runtime environment built on Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and efficient.
  • It has also been noted that the ability to build C++ modules has helped developers considerably in the IoT world.

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@ABridgwater: “Why IoT loves Node.js

@InternetofBiz @linuxfoundation @Siemens_Energy @IntelDevTools”

Do you care what happens inside the ‘guts’ of the Internet of Things (IoT) and is it all way too geeky and tough to understand anyway? Could it possibly be quite straightforward and rather enlightening?

Why IoT loves Node.js