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William Gibson on NSA wiretapping / Boing Boing

William Gibson on NSA wiretapping #10yrsago

  • In the short term, I’ve taken the position that it’s very, very illegal and I hope something is done about it.
  • When I got up this morning and read the USA Today headline, I thought the future had been a little more evenly distributed.
  • I’ve been watching with keen interest since the first NSA scandal: I’ve noticed on the Internet that there aren’t many people really shocked by this.

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@doctorow: “William Gibson on NSA wiretapping #10yrsago”

Open Source Radio did a special yesterday on the NSA’s indiscriminate, illegal databasing of American citizens’ calls, revealed in an expose in yesterday’s USA Today. They got William Gibson on for a rare interview and he was fascinating, trying to place this in context as a spasm generated by humanity’s inability to master its technologies. Audio starts about 34 minutes in.

William Gibson on NSA wiretapping / Boing Boing